Behind The Scenes: The Conception of 'Texas At Dawn'


The inspiration behind 'Texas at Dawn' was originally the social conversation on gun reform and how we perceive an object as undesirable, or even offensive, due to human's interaction with the object. The collection came together when I began playing around with the small revolver charms.

I'm deeply inspired by vast open spaces from my childhood spent on large farming acreage. The revolver charm began stirring a connotation of old western films, and that's when I knew I needed to add a Spaghetti-Western kind of playfulness, which I've done by using the gold plated cactus charms, and the moon crescent charms.

I was contemplating the use of guns throughout the creation, and the symbolism that they represent: both death, freedom (for some), supposed power and the type of power a gun provides. I love working with contrast, and wanted to contrast the significance of death that the gun was symbolising, so I introduced the crescent charm, used in the 'Artemis' designs. The word 'crescent' is derived from a latin term that means 'to create, to bring forth', and was used to symbolise balance in celtic mythology.

The use of both the revolver, and the contrasting crescent through this collection I hope will beg us to question whether there is such thing as balance when it comes to weapons, and if so, what are we creating, what are we bringing forth with the use of them?



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