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Simple Abundance: A daybook of comfort & joy....

Simple Abundance: A daybook of comfort & joy....

February is my birthday month, which is why I always love doing a big sale to treat of my loyal customers and to welcome to new people to the brand. 

Alongside the business things, I also hone in on self care and delve deep into the self to see what I'm looking to bring into my life for the year ahead ; and what I may like to release. 

One of my favourite books, which is close to 365 activities for self-care, is: Simple Abundance: A Daybook of Comfort & Joy, by Sarah Ban Breathnach. 

In the book -- which is written for each day of the year -- Sarah synergises the seasons and tides of the mood into activities that nurture the soul. Activities --or days -- are titled such as" Accepting yourself as you are today", "Trompe l'oeil: Thrift shop pleasures", and "nurturing your authentic flair". Quite often I just pick the book up and let it open to any page and read what's on it.  And I'll let you in on a not-so-secret and moment of serendipity: I wasn't actually reading the book in this picture and was instead pretending to read it while I asked my boyfriend to capture a 'candid photo' of me. The page I opened was titled "A day of grace". I kid you not. Small signs from the universe, eh?

What are your activities for self care, and do you have a routine leading up to your birthday? I'd love to hear them! Hit me up over on instagram: @rebelliousgrace_bne



Zoe xx


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