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Rosé season...

Rosé season...

Delinquente....Rebel..... these are the types of brand names that make me swoon!

It's hot here in Australia in February and I wouldn't be a basic white bish if I didn't turn to a bottle of Rosé on the reg in the sweltering Brisbane heat. 

The bottle I'm turning to at the mo' is this: Pretty Boy, by Deliquente Wine Co.

"Delinquente makes small batch, minimal intervention wines from Southern Italian grape varieties grown in the Riverland, South Australia." 

And they are affordable, and delightful. And this Nero D'avola Rosato is delish. 

If you weren't already sold on the label, you will be now: It's vegan, biodynamic, organic, and -- they acknowledge the original custodians of Australia right on their label. Good. 

You can pick it up directly from them here. 

This isn't an ad or affiliaition with the winery whatsoever. I just simply had this Rosé on hand while creating content for February -- and hey -- it works!


Love, your friend with the wine, 

Zoe. xx



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