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Scent of the month...

Scent of the month...

For those who don't know (all of you, I imagine) my background is in fashion design, mostly, followed by a lot of cafe work, followed by a steady stint in luxury historical perfume. And we're not talking Chanel; we're talking houses such as Creed who had been personally commissioned to create Grace Kelly's wedding day fragrance; Audrey Hepburn's Signature scent; and still hold a royal warrant to this day.

My love for history bloomed while working amongst the heady scents of these historical houses, and one of my all time favourites is this: La Rose by Le Galion. 

Le Galion was considered such a luxurious item in its hey-day that their perfumes were once given as gifts at The Stork Club in NYC. 

La Rose stole my heart right away -- it's packed full of Iris which is sharp to the nose, but is surrounded by this extraordinary vibe of femme strength expressed by rose, peach, cedar and ylang ylang. 

I've snapped it here next to the Alissa Earrings: a classic pairing. 

La Galion is hard to find these days in Australia, but you might be able to find it in small, luxury perfume boutiques or from reputable resellers online. 



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