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Rebellious Grace was conceived in a meditation ceremony in Bali in 2018, in the hills of Ubud. The words came to me first, and then the following three months the brand and business opportunities began presenting themselves in almost divine ways, and before I knew it, this brand was born and gained traction rapidly with the most beautiful and authentic community. I initially went to Bali in 2018 to do some soul searching to “find my people”, and boy, did I find them. The community that has connected with Rebellious Grace makes my heart swell and I consider all of my customers dear friends; you’re all wearing a part of my heart when you wear my pieces.

The thing is, is now the brand is growing, and I love that— ooooooohhh do I love it. I’m meeting more people who connect with the brand, more of “my people”: The rebels. Which means: expansion.

I’ve been sitting on the cusp of making some really big business decisions recently— as some of you already know. And in meditation recently, the word “Chrysalis” came to me. For those familiar with our beautiful winged friends the butterflies: they hatch from a minuscule egg, and grow into a caterpillar, and then just before they reach their full glory of adulthood: they dissolve. Into goo. They undergo deep transformation and shortly afterwards they unveil their new beauty.

And my dear ones, this is what Rebellious Grace is about to undergo. A Chrysalis stage.

It means that the current California Lane location will close at the end of this year, and I will bunker down and fine-tune some essential aspects of the business in order to continue to grow for next year. A big fancy new location may be on the cards, as well as some pop ups in exciting new destinations. In the meantime, the online store will keep running at full capacity, and over the next few weeks I’ll be announcing stockists that you’ll be able to collect your RG pieces IRL. No one ever said small business was going to be easy and this has been a confusing decision to make, but so necessary in order to keep the rapid growth of the brand going. I’m so excited to share the plans of 2021 with you. So stay tuned, and enjoy the ride 💫