The Story

Rebellious Grace is a byproduct of a life spent loving design and expression. Each piece of Rebellious Grace jewelry is lovingly made by the owner and designer, Zoe, in the James Street atelier. 

Zoe's life has been a rebellious one, and her journey into design came about when she quit school early to move across the country to study fashion design and production. Being like a fish into water in her new-found life, she excelled in her design degree, and by the time she was 17, was working in one of Australia's coveted couturier houses, and shortly after, began working in some of Australia's now highly recognised apparel brands. 

Deciding that she in fact hated sewing, she then carved out a life for herself dabbling in multiple different industries, but design and small-scale, mindful business is where her heart lay.... and her love for earrings. 

In November, 2018, Zoe was seeking to find more depth and meaning in her life, and wound up in a cacao ceremony in the lush mountains of Bali after recently leaving her dream job. The name 'Rebellious Grace' came to her during that ceremony, and kept arising in meditation for months afterwards. 

Not knowing how those words would express themselves in her life, a series of coincidences and well timed 'graces' became the conception and opening of the Rebellious Grace atelier in Brisbane. 

As the atelier was being fitted out, Zoe met two Brisbane based artists (Sophie Mcmanus and Rachel Garner) and collectively they came up with the core values of the Rebellious Grace concept, and conceptualised it through an exquisite wall mural. The inspiration of the mural came from the stories of the 'Three Graces', a greek myth that identified three godesses that would provide the gods with their fertile delights, and who embodied beauty, delight and blossom.

While women in art are encapsulated as earthly delights, they often are represented as being passive. And so, the artists and Zoe created their own goddess, a final sister of the graces; a fourth grace. Rebellious Grace. She represents free will, passion, positive fury, independence and self reverence. And most importantly, carries the message in living your life your own way, on your own terms. 

And so, Rebellious Grace invites you to join in on welcoming in the new era of the new grace, the rebellious one.