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Rebellious Grace invites customers to join in on the design and production experience. All of the high quality, premium, fashion jewellery pieces are designed and made in the Brisbane atelier and store, and customers are able to create their own designs on the spot. 

Rebellious Grace sells online, with a 'create your own' feature, as well as to select stockists around Australia. 


Launched: March 2019

Owner and Founder and Designer: Zoe Mayne //

Team Size: 1 + freelancers

Brisbane Store Location: Previously on James Street Brisbane, the Atelier moved in to a larger space in February 2020 to California Lane, Fortitude Valley.



Rebellious Grace was created to fill a void in the market for high quality fashion jewellery at affordable prices. 

The founder of Rebellious Grace, Zoe, was a thrifty fashion forward millennial that needed her money to go further, but didn’t want to compromise on quality, or exclusivity.

Inspired the the ateliers of Europe, and a meditation ceremony in Bali, the brand was conceived.


Rebellious Grace translates as a style aesthetic. Graceful, high quality jewellery, that makes a statement in its own way. Boycotting trends of heavy and uncomfortable giant earrings found in the fashion jewellery scene, Rebellious Grace fills the middle-ground between low-cost disposable fashion jewellery and high cost (and often low quality) designer jewellery. RG pieces are premium, high quality pieces that are designed to be worn season-to-season and complement women in every stage in their life, or simply, designed and worn for special occasions...




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The Rebellion of Grace - Style magazines feature, December Issue, 2019

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