Pieces that last generations: Solid Gold

Pieces that last a few trips around the sun: Gold Vermeil & Gold Fill

Pieces for those special occasions and ~that~ outfit: Gold Plate

For those silver lovers: Sterling Silver & White Gold

We've built our brand on caring

Trusted & Established

Rebellious Grace was founded on James St, Brisbane in 2019 and has been trading with a brick-and-mortar store since; offering high quality customisable jewellery in-store to thousands of customers.

Complimentary Aftercare

Jewellery breaks, so we're here for you when it does. If your bonded™ chain breaks, simply bring your original chain back in to us and we will re-bond it for you free of charge.

Trained Technicians

Our technicians undergo vigorous, in-depth and hands-on training meaning your hands are safe in ours.

Quality Assured

No fake or dodgy gold chains here ; only authentic certified solid gold chain from our Australian chain manufacturers.