Permanent Jewellery Myths BUSTED: Breaking Down Our Signature Service

Permanent Jewellery Myths BUSTED: Breaking Down Our Signature Service

At Rebellious Grace we are the market leader of permanent jewellery services in Queensland, and we have years of trade secrets up our sleeve. We hear a lot of weird and wonderful theories coming through our door on what permanent jewellery is. We’re here to clear them all up today and help you better understand the fashion must-have of today. 


The Myth: They Aren’t Real Gold

At Rebellious Grace we exclusively use 9k solid gold for all of our BONDED jewellery. Solid gold is the industry choice for permanent jewellery as it’s always going to hold its quality under any circumstances. Our solid gold chains are the most durable option and made to survive the hustle and bustle of daily life. The price point matches the quality, so for $220+ we are providing you with your choice of yellow, white, or rose gold options that will last a lifetime.

The Myth: ‘Permanent’= It Will Never Break

The phrase ‘permanent’ bracelet refers to the clasp-less design of the jewellery, meaning you cannot remove it like you normally would. At Rebellious Grace we have trained professionals in store that will fit and secure your chain, and then fuse it together with our industry approved micro-welder. Our chains are tried and tested for their durability by our quality assurance team, however they still fall under the same laws as all other jewellery. Solid gold can/will break under enough force, this means a level of caution is necessary after purchasing permanent jewellery. Luckily Rebellious Grace is the only company in Australia to offer free repairs anytime, so with us you’re covered! 

The Myth: It’s Painful and Attaches to Your Skin Like a Piercing

This may seem like a strange one, but it was actually our most commonly asked question in our beginning days. Understandably, the phrase ‘permanent’ can lead to that assumption but there is absolutely no reason to expect pain during our service. During an appointment you can expect to spend 10-15 minutes sitting with us while we fit your chosen chain around your wrist/ankle. We use a safe jewellery welding machine to attach our chains together, while a protective mat is over your exposed skin during the process. After this is complete you are ready to walk out with your new bracelet, pain free! 

The Myth: It Can Never Be Removed

You have plenty of options if you decide you would no longer like to have your permanent jewellery. In an emergency the chain can be cut with a pair of strong scissors or nail clippers at home. At Rebellious Grace we offer free repairs and alterations for life, so we can remove or add a clasp to your chain anytime. Situations where you might need to remove your chain include; medical reasons (e.g surgery, MRI, or X-Ray), workplace uniform violations, pregnancy (some women may experience swelling of the wrists/ankles), or athletic commitments. No matter what we have you covered, your chain can be removed and re-attached anytime. 

The Myth: It’s Dangerous 

There is no reason to be concerned about the safety of permanent jewellery. At Rebellious Grace we take time to fit your chosen chain in the correct way. We ensure it is a comfortable size, and our friendly technicians always ask plenty of questions about your lifestyle so we can fit you accordingly. However, there are times when caution should be used with permanent jewellery, the main cause of damage is usually extreme physical activities. Examples from our customers include; outdoor hobbies (e.g hiking, biking, climbing), competitive contact sports, competitive swimming or surf life-saving, equestrian sports, or occasionally childcare and healthcare professions. If you are someone who fits into any of those categories, don’t worry you should still get your BONDED jewellery but just make sure to inform your technician and we’ll take care of the rest! 


We hope we have answered all of your unanswered doubt about our BONDED permanent jewellery. The next step now is to book in for your very own experience with Rebellious Grace. Bring your friends, family, and other loved ones along for a memorable bonding experience. 

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