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What is vacuum plated stainless steel jewellery anyway?

So what is vacuum plated stainless steel jewellery anyway? And why is it any better than the cheap electroplated stuff?

The process of vacuum plating stainless steel jewellery (Physical Vapor Deposition , or referred to in the industry as 'PVD') is a refined process that ensures a durable finish. The stainless steel base pieces are placed in a vacuum chamber, where high-tech equipment deposits a layer of gold or silver through vaporization. This results in a uniform, long-lasting coating that resists tarnishing and wear.

In contrast, cheaper flash-plated jewellery (not to be confused with micron-plating) involves a simpler process where a thin layer of metal is applied through an electric current in a chemical bath. Ultimately flash plating wears off quickly, revealing the base metal (think of flash plating as instant tan that washes off after a shower). Flash plating is usually used over low quality alloy base pieces that include nickel, lead and zinc.

Stainless steel is a hard base metal, unlike sterling silver, so it can withstand daily wear with less possibility of scratches and dents, and is the perfect material for our ring collection. While PVD Stainless steel is *amazing* for its price point, nothing out performs solid gold. If you love any of our pieces, remember we can cast them in solid gold for you 🤩

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