The Atelier

Rebellious Grace began with a vision for small-scale, mindfully crafted fashion that allowed women to express themselves in a fun and fierce way, while also encouraging the message to live life your own way, on your own terms. 

Every single piece of Rebellious Grace jewellery is hand assembled and created in the James Street atelier, and are crafted with mindfulness, good intentions and, a rebellious kind of grace. 

The rustic and dreamy atelier features handmade and earthly fittings, such as the concrete shelving, repurposed antique sleepers, and hand made jewellery stands. The aesthetic of the space encapsulates the beauty and irregularities of nature and what it provides, and in a metaphorical way, wants to tell a story that even though things may not be perfect, they can always be beautiful in spirit, just like us. 

The jewellery however, is made with precision and an eye to detail. Offering precious metal plating and unique designs, Rebellious Grace jewellery is made in very small quantities and quite often, are one-off pieces. New pieces are made daily, and you can watch the owner and designer, Zoe, hand making everything in store on her workbench while you shop. 


Gracing one of the walls in sheer magnificence, is a mural painted by local artists Sophie Mcmanus and Rachel Gardner. You can read about the Rebellious grace mural and concept here

The atelier is an interactive space, and designing or personalising your piece is encouraged. Bespoke jewellery design is available, and Rebellious Grace is fast becoming one of Brisbane's main destinations for fashion jewellery for people of all ages. 

Get directions to visit this unique atelier, and personalised experience.